Information about Vista Proppants and Logistics

Welcome to this site about Vista Proppants and Logistics (VPROP). This site will feature information about Vista Proppants and Logistics as well as news about the oil and gas industry. Vista Proppants and Logistics offers frac sand solutions for oil and gas companies in Texas and Oklahoma. As you probably know, these are the biggest producers of petro-products in the nation.

In order for these companies to utilize the oil and natural gas underground, they need the best when it comes to frac sand. This is where VPROP comes in. Vista Proppants and Logistics is well-known for producing the highest quality frac sand in the southern United States. “Texas Premium White” is a high-quality, fine grade white sand that is comparable to Northern White frac sand mined in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Vista Proppants and Logistics offers the cost advantages of a regional provider and can significantly lower the costs that oil and gas companies pay to transport frac sand to the most active oil and gas regions. These regions include the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, and SCOOP/STACK. VROP has a network of 11 transload terminals throughout Texas and Oklahoma to ensure its frac sand can reach these regions. In addition to that, Vista Proppants and Logistics has a fleet of approximately 110 “last mile” transport  vehicles, providing oil and gas companies with the best mine-to-wellhead frac sand supply chain solutions.

“Texas Premium White” is available in fine grade 40/70, 100 mesh, and 200 mesh. It possesses the highest crush strength in Texas. This high-quality, fine grade sand is compliant with all applicable industry specifications and meets customer requirements for wells in the aforementioned plays. VPROP currently operates one mine, and plans to open two others in Texas in 2017. The proximity of those mines to the active producing regions ensures VPROP’s customers benefit from a lower delivered cost. Vista Proppants and Logistics corporate headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

VPROP is one the most respected frac sand providers in the nation today. It delivers a high-quality product that the oil and gas companies in Texas and Oklahoma can depend on. In addition to that, Vista Proppants and Logistics maintains the highest levels of safety standards and community relations. We encourage you to check out this blog often to learn more about VPROP and the oil and gas industry as a whole.